Payroll Java Developer

Company Name:
Open Systems Technologies
JAVA SERVER/ SQL (product development in Core Payroll or HRS)
Looking for engineers to help in the building of a next generation enterprise platform. New features and functionality are being created to meet customer demand and will be developed in a web-based environment. This next platform will be built on a Services Oriented Architecture. Most of this work will exist at the server-level development, with heavy database interaction.
Required Skills:
3-5 years of Java programming / J2EE experience
Must have very strong database and SQL skills - they will be working with complex databases (normalized models, 100's of tables).
Must be able to read complex data models or ERD diagrams. Must have object relational modeling experience.
Must have experience with a source code control tool and know how to merge conflicting changes.

Preferred Skills:
Experience writing EJB's (stateless Session Beans) from 'scratch' (not simply using tools). Excellent understanding of session beans, container managed beans, etc.
Experience with ANT and ability to troubleshoot issues.
Experience with Hibernate, JBOSS, JUnit, Oracle and Weblogic
SOA is a plus.

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